Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

Do you have any question about mamaBAshop? Here you can find all the answers you are looking for concerning our service. Please contact us (through our email or customer service hotline) if you do not find answers to your question.

Where is your shop in Ghana? Mamabashop do not have a shop in Ghana at the moment. Our shop is online based and have agents who represent us. Contact our agents on 0209 00 12 56 or 0508 43 30 82 for all your enquiries. You can also make use of our contact form through email to contact us.

Why is your products so cheap? The aim of Mamabashop is to sell quality products at affordable prices to Ghanaians. Making high profits is not one of our ultimate goals. We want Ghanaians to have access to quality products that are sold in Europe and North America. We normally ask for a fee on the services that we provide to get the product to Ghana.

How can I buy the product I’m interested in? You have to be a registered customer of to be able to purchase our products. The registration is a simple process and will take only a few minutes of your time. Once you have registered you can then purchase any of our goods online. To purchase your items you will need to place them into the basket and verify your personal information before confirming your order. Once you have placed your order you can track your order by going to our Order status section.

How to make payment? Payment is done through two processes.
The first is Immediate Payment. Here our customer agent contacts the customer and payment is made to our agent. The customer can also make payment by Bank Transfer where the cost of the purchase is transferred into our account. Once we know transfer is made the order is also made in your name. The processing time for a bank transfer usually varies depending on the banking system. It can take 5 - 6 days for bank transfers to show on our account.
The second is Hire Purchase. Payments here are made in installment. The initial payment of half the price is paid before order is made in your name. Our customer service agent will contact you and arrange with you for the rest payment. This is however enjoyed by customers whose purchase exceeds 300EUROS.

The product I received is damaged. What can I do? Should you notice on delivery that the product packaging has been damaged or seem to have been tampered with, mamaBAshop suggest that you do not accept delivery of the product and request the carrier to return the goods back to mamaBAshop who will despatch a replacement item at no extra cost to you. We strongly advice that you examine the product in the presence of the carrier. However should you notice any damage to the product after accepting delivery of the item, the return postal charges to mamaBAshop in Europe will be covered by the customer.

Is there a warranty on the products? All our products are covered by either a mamaBAshop or a manufacturers warranty. In the case where the product is supported by a manufacturers warranty please note, that Terms and Conditions may vary depending on the manufacturer. Should you need to make a warranty claim please contact our customer service. A member of our staff will advise you by e-mail if your item is covered by a manufacturer or mamaBAshop warranty. Please note that the shipping cost of the product will be covered by the customer.

I no longer want the product purchased, can I return it? Once you have received delivery of a product and for any reason you are unhappy with your purchase you can return it within 2 days to us in its ORIGINAL PACKAGING AND CONDITION. Items that are damaged will not be accepted. The period in which to exercise the right of withdrawal begins from the date of receipt of the product. Any despatch costs incurred for the return of items under this agreement will be covered by the purchaser. To return a product to mamaBAshop please contact our customer service.

Estimated Delivery Times Any delivery dates suggested in the product page will be displayed as a guide only. Please bear in mind, when you place an order, mamaBAshop will estimate a maximum delivery date for your items based on stock, availability and destination. In many cases the actual delivery time is shorter than the quoted estimates.

I would like to change my order, how do I do this? Changes to your order will not be allowed once you have selected your method of payment and your transaction has been confirmed. Please double check all the details of your order before confirming your order as changes will not be allowed once an order has been submitted.

Why do you quote your prices in Euros As you know, our products come either from Europe or America. We quote our product prices in Euros to avoid problems with the instability nature of the Cedi. An approximate Cedis equivalent for each product and your oder will be made known. Please note that these values are just for your information.

How do I get Informed about the Status of my Order You can follow the status of your order in your account under "My Order". We will also inform you about the status of your order through email.

I don't really understand some of the terms used to describe a porduct. What should I do? Please read our buyers guide. You will find the explanation to most of the terms that are used to describe the products there.

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